Menhir Grappa Grand Reserve 70 cl

The meticulous care in the choice of raw materials, the use of Pinot Bianco, Teroldego and Muller Thurgau pomace obtained from the pressing of ripe, soft, healthy and destemmed grapes make this distillate a unique product. 3 years in French oak barriques allow this distillate to express all its aroma and softness that surprises from the first puff.

Ingredients and allergens
Raw material: Teroldego, Pinot Bianco and Müller Thurgau grape pomace; selected, fresh, healthy, destemmed, with soft pressing still dripping with wine, harvested in Valle di Cembra, Valle dei Laghi and Piana Rotaliana.

Alcohol content
40% vol. alc.

Distillation: It takes place in particular and exclusive copper stills with a discontinuous cycle.
By eliminating the heads and tails, the pure selection of Grappa is preserved:
“the heart”. The distillation proceeds very slowly to allow the volatile components, responsible for the perfumes and aromas, proper evaporation and consequent

Aging: For long periods, in 225 liter French barriques of various fine woods, medium toasted; placed in our cellars, in the dark at temperature
controlled. We then proceed with the assembly of the best vintages and batches
of Grappa Gran Riserva. Aging is certified by an official

Tasting: We recommend a large “balloon” type glass made of thin glass and the Grappa Gran Riserva at a temperature of 18-20 degrees. To obtain a better tasting it is best to let it rest for a few minutes in the glass, rotate it clockwise so that the numerous aromatic molecules, by oxygenating, enhance the aromas and the nose-palate harmony.

Pairings: For new and refined sensations it can be combined with dark chocolate, cheese, dried fruit and honey; in the kitchen it can be added to meats, fruit salads, desserts, ice cream and refined flambé dishes; an ideal pairing with an important cigar is this wonderful Grappa Gran Riserva.

Total pieces:

6 pieces / cardboards


36 cardboards / platform

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