Payment must be made, unless otherwise agreed in writing, according to the terms specified in the Order Confirmation or the proforma invoice sent by the manufacturing company, by bank receipt or bank transfer to the bank indicated in the proforma invoice. Our Company and manufacturing companies reserve the right to request advance payments, even as advances, concerning changes in customs procedures due to new political setups and/or changes in international agreements between States, resulting in additional costs for manufacturing companies listed on the site.


In case of delayed, partial, or non-payment by the Buyer, the Company issuing the proforma invoice reserves the right to immediately suspend the supply and/or terminate all ongoing contracts with the Buyer, even if unrelated to the payment in question, except for the right to compensation for damages. In case of delayed, partial, or non-payment, interest on arrears will accrue on all due amounts as per Legislative Decree No. 231/2001 without the need for formal notice, and all credits will become immediately due, forfeiting the benefit of the term. No claims for any defaults, exceptions, or legal actions of any kind may be raised or exercised by the Buyer without the full payment of the price. No offsetting is allowed between the price due to our Company and any credits claimed by the Buyer. The Buyer is obliged to pay the full price even in case of disputes, operating the “solve et repete” clause.