Inglese Gluten Free

We have to go back more than 50 years to find out about the roots of the Marchio Inglese, in Monfalcone, in the province of Gorizia, in one of the most beautiful regions of Italy, Friuli Venezia Giulia. From a simple bakery to a company specialised in the production of Dietary Foods, over three generations, where experience, knowledge and love for good things have been handed down.

Each Marchio Inglese product is the result of a long history of carefully selecting raw ingredients, precise processing and a very high quality standard – 100% Made in Italy. These solid roots, a staff of professionals specialised in the production of gluten-free and allergen-free food products, make Inglese the Story of Gluten-Free Goodness.

Guaranteeing any person suffering from allergies or intolerances to gluten, lactose, eggs or other food allergens, High Quality products in compliance with their needs and food tastes.

Through constant research, yet always respecting tradition, we are able to produce Good and Healthy foods, to meet the needs of people who should not have to give up the Taste because they have to eliminate food allergens from their diet. Never!

A constant commitment to research into and production of food products without allergens, while respecting integrity, goodness, taste and quality, in order to offer our consumers the best for their diet.

Inglese is constantly working in this direction, thanks to innovative production technologies and the creation of new recipes that combine scientific research with respect for the Italian culinary tradition.

Acetaia La Tradizione

LA TRADIZIONE is a balsamic art cooperative, a group of “quality balsamic artisans” Inspired by a strong passion, who have collected and handed down from father to son the secrets to obtain this precious masterpiece of gastronomy and day by day they follow with love the aging process of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. They take care of it for many years as an integral part of their family. And they pass on the secrets to obtain this precious condiment like a “Witness” code.
The Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is a sweet and sour condiment obtained from the fermentation of the must of native modenese grapes only. Our valuable, excellent product, the “TRADITIONAL” is the true Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, handcrafted by combining the harmonious work of nature and the sensitivity of man. Linked to the tradition handed down from father to son in the Modenese families, it is an integral part of our cultural heritage.
Intense and bright brown color, appreciable density with the right syrupy smoothness, characteristic fragrant perfume, complex, amalgamated, penetrating and persistent aroma, evident but pleasant and harmonic acidity, characteristic flavor, lively, frank, full, intense and persistent, with own taste and visual characteristics.

Cantina Ronca

That of the Ronca winery is not the traditional story of land handed down from father to son for generations, but it is nevertheless closely linked to what is needed to grow the vines: the land. In 1946 the founder of the family, Ulderico Ronca, bequeathed a plot of land in the province of Verona to his wife and children. Ten years later, Walter and his brothers sold this plot to obtain the necessary funds to start an industrial business, which developed solidly and prosperously over time.
Since the winemaking cellar was born, the idea to which all the people who work in the company refer has been to produce grapes and wines reflecting and above all respecting the beautiful territory of which we are part and in which we live. The starting point was the most obvious, but often the least obvious: the vineyard.
You will probably find it strange to find a page dedicated to a cap in the section of the site that talks about us. In reality it is right to explain that you will find some of our products closed with this type of cork, and therefore it is part of us, the result of precise choices, even if it raises some doubts when it is combined with wine.

Cinquecom Distillati

Cinquecom Distillati was born from a love story between a family of restaurateurs and the world of Italian food and wine excellence. After years of research, travel and experimentation, Grappa Menhir Gran Riserva was created and later Vood, the Vodka praised for its soft and fragrant taste.
Thanks to the continuous and constant search for the best raw materials we have revisited the recipe of the Italian Christmas dessert par excellence “Panettone”, transforming something already very good into something absolutely new and valuable; hence the line of Serafini Panettoni was born, the panettone with Vodka Vood cream and Barry Callebaut dark chocolate chips which, together with the traditional panettone with raisins and candied fruit and the one with Menhir Riserva Grappa cream, started the line of Christmas desserts which today includes 7 references.
With the production of panettone, Serafini becomes the brand of the Cinquecom Distillati sweets line. To complete a unique and important offer, 6 brand condiments are also added, such as oil and balsamic vinegar.
Base 6 Dry Gin was born in 2023. This distillate contains the essence of Italianness thanks to Fernando’s passion. Base 6 aims to be an all-round experience, capable of exciting the senses and speaking to the soul. We invite you to discover the magic of Base 6 Dry Gin.

La Stagliata

A challenge for a business owner in the pizza market is to have a constant product. How many times have we heard the phrase: “Did the pizza chef change”

Stagliata is the answer to this problem, preserving the image of the pizza chef since the dough,doesn’t lose the spectacularity of the drafting, of the seasoning and of the cooking.

Another strong point of stagliata is the practicality of management. Indeed, you only need to arrange the dough balls in pizza cassette for 15-20 hours at room temperature and they will be ready for drafting.

Starting from the real Neapolitan pizza we can make your customised dough

Make recognisable and maintain the quality of your dough even when changing personnel

We put nature first. Create your own pizza bases by reducing plastic and cardboard packaging

Jako Wine

Our wine was born out of friendship. Jako Wine emerged from the encounter between a wise enologist and a tireless, expert ambassador of wine. Passion, love, courage: such were the seeds giving life to a great family of wines. At first, we produced wine exclusively for friends: a few bottles enjoyed in good company during meetings and celebrations. At that time, we had no plans for selling such a precious product, one so near to our heart. Still, we were proud of all the aromas and nuances that we’d been able to cup into one wineglass. Encouraged by our convictions and by the constant appreciation of those who enjoyed our products, we finally decided to share our fine wines. We decided to market them. Without forgetting our original idea, though: to make wines for friends, and for anyone able to appreciate our philosophy.
Research conducted by our wine maker and our agronomist has led us to recognize the best, most fertile terroir. From preparation of the soil to vine management, the entire process reflects sheer perfectionism. Exclusively manual harvesting and grape processing reflect criteria dictated by our experts. the final result is a top-quality product. The company’s preparation and choice of cru demand specialization which creates the wine’s distinctive fingerprint, and the guiding light for our best quality production. Each phase in the succeeding process demands preservation of the wines at carefully calculated temperatures. They are transported at controlled temperatures, ensuring aroma and quality. Not only geography and production method, but constant dedication, constantly guarantee the highest quality.
One could never have imagined a better partnership than the one between Jako and Severino Barzan. With his unique wine collection, Severino, owner of the Bottega del Vino, has long been one of the best-known personages in the world of wine. He was named “Man of the Year” in 1998 by Revue du Vin de France; the Bacchus Society of America has considered him as one of the outstanding vintners; he won the “Best Award of Excellence”, the most prestigious honor bestown by the famous magazine, Wine Spectator. Such enological treasures throughout Italy and abroad, have enabled the production of the great wines included in the exclusive Severino collection.