Frequently asked questions

Prices are visible only to buyers who have submitted a registration request by clicking the ‘Register’ button at the top and filling out all the fields. Following the request, you will receive approval within 48 hours, subject to verification of the individual’s and company’s credentials. At this point, you will receive a login and password, allowing you to access the website and view prices per carton or pallet.
You can select the quantities for each product you wish to add to your cart and submit the pre-order. Your request is sent to the manufacturer, who will send you the proforma invoice within 48 hours for payment directly to them for the requested goods. All sales are Ex works, so you will need to collect them from the company. If you have a freight forwarder, you can request a quote from the company for shipping to Italy or the country of your choice. These services, where possible, will be quoted by the company in the proforma and should be requested with specific details in the notes of the pre-order made on the website.
The selection of products at Store Italian Food is curated to provide buyers with exclusive items directly from high-quality Italian manufacturers. We understand that the ‘Italian sound’ products in the world are numerous and may not adequately represent the quality of our country. Therefore, we carefully choose each producer based on product quality and supply chain, ensuring that quality Italian and preferably organic products are available worldwide.
The companies we select all maintain high-quality standards; however, we understand the buyer’s need to taste the products. For this reason, we have introduced the option to purchase even a single box of products, allowing you to sample and understand the value of our offerings.